Helping  many women and men to find their style and  build their Perfect Wardrobe  since 2009, I have learnt very quickly that not everyone likes clothes shopping. And this is true even for women. Many are too busy juggling work and motherhood and everything in-between, so don’t have a lot of time to shop properly  or skills to create a versatile multi-functional wardrobe.  So many women  just  have an hour here and  there to go and grab a new pair of jeans or a dress for a special occassion.  Many often feel like they  are picking the first thing that looks half decent rather than trully loving what they chose.  Many people  also feel overwhelmed by the big shopping centres and the  amount of products available.  Add to this a women’s tendency to self-criticism and it is no wonder why many of us don’t enjoy clothes shopping any more.

Men are generally more focused  while shopping but usually don’t have a good eye or know   how to mix and match  separates.  Although there are exceptions and I have met men who enjoy shopping and  also have a good taste. 🙂

The bottom line is  that many people would rather give the reigns to someone else if they felt confident enough that a stylist will have their interest at heart and will do a great job for them. A good stylist can not only help you build a great wardrobe that makes you look and feel good, but also can:

  • customise everything to your lifestyle, body shape and physical characteristics
  • save time doing a pre-shop for you
  • save you money by making sure your get the best value, deals and discounts within your budget.
  • protect you from wasteful and unnecessary purchases.
  • protect you from pushy sales assistants if needs to be.  (not all are such and some are very helpful;))

There are many stylists out there and many are working on commission from sales.  I personally do not work on commission and charge only for my time. It prevents me from overselling and it is a win for my clients. We also make sure you get the best value and every discount is put through. My biggest intention is to create a versatile wardrobe for you where everything is loved ,worn and goes well together. I love dressing real people and  not just filling in their wardrobes!

Once you book a Shopping Trip with School of Style, I will confirm the date for you and request a couple of pictures. Based on your size/height information and the pictures that I receive from you, I will do a pre-shop for you to identify the possible outfits for you. I will take pictures so I remember everything.

On the day of our shopping trip, we will start with a coffee and a chat getting to know each other. We will talk about your lifestyle and wardrobe needs and where you need my help the most.  Then I will take you shopping showing you the pieces that I have  found previously. This way we avoid wondering around aimlessly and ineffectively. With this approach we can do a very decent Wardrobe Update with multiple outfits in 3 hours or  Complete Wardrobe Overhaul as an enjoyable full day shopping (with a lunch to break it up).

As a bonus you will receive an SoS E-Book with examples of complete outfits and everything else you need to develop your personal style.

Looking forward  to your comments, questions and bookings. 🙂

Masha Bowran. XX

If you hate shopping, leave it to a professional who loves it and knows how to make the most of it. Whether you need a Smart-Casual Wardrobe. a more formal Business one or a Special Occasion Outfit,  School of Style is excited to help you find the right answer to your needs.


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