Wardrobe Assessment by a professional stylist Masha Bowran allows you an opportunity  to evaluate, organise and clear out your current wardrobe at home.  Your wardrobe should be organised and uncluttered. If it’s not, you won’t be able to see what you own or find anything quickly. Most people have about 10 minutes in the morning for making a decision what to wear and getting dressed. Your wardrobe should help you see your options clearly.

This service will help if you:

  •  have a full wardrobe yet feel like have nothing to wear
  •  need to refresh your work image 
  •  find it hard to let go of things and need assistance with this
  •  had a significant change in your weight and most of your clothes don’t fit anymore

It is a thorough look at your wardrobe, an honest assessment and advice on what works for you and what doesn’t. I will ask you to try some of the clothes on. All the dated, badly fit or unflattering pieces will be eliminated and placed in bin bags for you to donate or sell. The pieces that work in your favour will be sorted by style and colour.

You will also find out what the missing pieces are in your wardrobe that would complement your lifestyle, image  and occupation. At the end you will have an option of booking a shopping trip a few days later to complete and update your newly organised wardrobe.





Done on 2 separate days.

Great if you need a thorough assessment and clear-out of your wardrobe followed up by a personal shopping trip a few days later. Puts your wardrobe and style on the right track immediately.