Hi ladies!

If you are working from home, you might find these tips interesting, easy and practical. Not everyone (including myself) is a big fan of full face make-up and applying a heavy foundation or false eyelashes every day. It makes even less sense now, when we work more and more from home and on-line. Many of us don’t have physical face to face interactions with others on a day to day basis now. This is the reality for many right now even though many of us prefer personal interactions or a mix of personal and online activity.

For the sake of our sanity and joy, we need to  remember to make an effort to  get out of the house every day for fresh air, physical activity and social interaction.  Because beauty and style above all mean health, joy and happiness! ;))

As women we should look and feel good about ourselves and our every day lives.  So  here I am putting together a few tips to help you feel like a Goddess – inside and outside. These tips are as much about health as about beauty. They are also quick and effective and I have accumulated them over the years as woman and a Personal Stylist.

Everyone is different and that is OK. Take on board what resonates with you and try it as a part of your daily practice. You can also do them in any order you like!;)

  • Splash you face with slightly warm (or cold water) and dry. Apply a few drops of cold pressed organic rosehip oil with a drops of your favourite essential oil. Massage slowly into your skin. Move your fingers intuitively and in a  way that feels good. Do the same under your chin and on your neck . Take your time but even 5-6 minutes will do the trick and help you move the lymph and de-puff after sleeping. Your skin will start glowing and feel super soft.
  • If it’s really hot, try another simple trick to wake-up and feel beautiful. Place a rose quartz crystal face roller into your freezer the night before. In the morning take it out and roll over your face enjoying the cooling and toning sensation on the skin. Finish off with a few drops of oil.
  • Raise your hands in the air and stretch your spine. Turn your torso several times to the left and right. Compressed spine means compressed organs. This why we need to stretch and elongate our spines every day. This also helps you to wake up the body. Do some other stretches if you like. Another very effective beauty and health tip is cheaper than visiting a chiropractor. Just hang for about a minute from any monkey bar on a kids playground or at an outdoor gym. This will also make your spine click into place and elongate. It is particularly great if you spend long hours sitting at your computer desk.
  • Drink a cup of milk thistle, ginger, licorice or chamomile herbal tea in the morning. It encourages you to be relaxed instead of tense. You can always reach for that cup of coffee later  if you really need it!;))
  • Now it’s time to groom your eyebrows. I recommend an eye brow gel that is one tone lighter than you natural brows. It will frame your glowing face.
  • Apply some nude or other neutral eyeshadow. The closer to your natural complexion the colour is, the more effortlessly beautiful you will look. It can have creamy texture and you can use your fingers to apply them.  Sometimes it is easier and quicker you find powder eyeshadows tricky. However, creamy textures tend to move in summer so need to be checked sometimes and spread out with your finger again.
  • Apply a little blush on your cheeks.
  • Add some mineral powder if you want. I personally often skip this step and let my skin breathe when I am working from home.
  • A drop of rosehip oil on your lips or some natural clear gloss and you are ready to face the day.
  • I also recommend to use clean vegan (plant-based)  and organic make-up where possible.
  • Another beauty tip is to  take a teaspoon of Black Cumin or Hemp Oil with a few drops of lemon OR a little  bit of honey on an empty stomach once a day. The lemon or honey help the oil to get digested. Both oils have amazing properties and make the your skin and hair soft and shiny and your nails strong. This trick can also eliminate any dry flaky patches skin over time. I always use it when I feel that the skin in my body is getting drier.
  • Wear a nice top in a flattering colour as this is what everyone will see when you work from home.

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