Body Shape and Colour consultation teaches you how to dress for your shape and complexion so you can look and feel your best.

Learn how to improve your  image and refine your personal style  with these practical styling tips and  tools.

This highly educational Style Consultation is a comprehensive 2-HOUR session at a City or Chermside cafe. You will discover the fundamental basics of making the most of your physical characteristics. This is a fun and personal service and a great gift that any woman would enjoy. You will receive an E-BOOK/DIGITAL PDF of the consultation so you will always have it on your electronic device.

The consultation includes such topics as :

  • organising your wardrobe
  • your body shape and how to make the most of it
  • your key wardrobe pieces and their versatility
  • how you can mix and match different wardrobe pieces and dress them up or down
  • your most flattering colours
  • visual slimming tips and tricks
  • how to accessorise
  • how to shop like a stylist and save money and time

The benefits of the SoS style Body Shape and Colour Consultation are LEARNING HOW:

  • to create a perfect wardrobe for every day and for special occasions
  • to embrace and love your body shape and size
  • to improve your image and self-esteem
  • to develop and express your unique personal style
  • to become a smarter and more confident shopper

It is also great for women who are not yet ready to go shopping with a stylist for whatever personal reasons – whether emotional

or financial.  Or for those who want to meet the stylist first and  see if they resonate with the information taught before trusting to go on

a 3 Hour Shopping  Trip. Many women start with the Style Consultation and learn theory . Then follow up by practical , result orientated clothes

shopping in a few days time.

Lasts 2 hours

$210 for 1 person

$180 each for 2 women

$150 each for 3 women

$120 each for 4-5 women