“I can honestly say the best thing I have done this year is to invite Masha to my house for a wardrobe assessment and then go on a shopping trip. My wardrobe and myself needed a makeover and I am absolutely delighted with the results. I look and feel so much better about myself and receive complements on a daily basis about my style! Thank you Masha and I look forward to our next shopping trip!”

Rebecca Butler

“Thank you so much Masha for EVERYTHING you did for me today. I am so much more confident in knowing what to wear. You made shopping experience so much fun and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. You are awesome!!!”

Trish Heke

“Thanks Masha, I learned so much from you today on our shopping trip and love my new work wardrobe. Value for money, excellent.”

Ana Blake

“What a great experience. We started by working our way through my wardrobe. Masha helped take the emotion out of tossing out years and years of old and unflattering clothes. By the end of the 3 hours I didn’t regret a single thing I got rid of. And then came the fun part, filling it back up. We have made a head start on my new look and I learnt a lot shopping with Masha. It was fun and easy and I never felt like I HAD to buy something. I now know what I look good in and what I have been hiding in for the last few years. Thank you Masha for helping me be a better version of me!!!”

Sandra Gray

“It quickly became apparent what an excellent eye you have. When you assessed my wardrobe, you did it fairly, honestly and with care not to offend. When we went shopping in the city, I walked out of the shops with several new work outfits that made me look and feel 10 times better. I’ve had numerous flattering comments from my colleagues. So from one very satisfied customer, I thank you again, and wish you all the success you deserve.”

Andy Russell