School of Style has currently 2 great E-BOOK  for  men  – one to help you with your SMART-CASUAL WEAR  and another one with BUSINESS WEAR . They are step-by-step STYLE GUIDES to help men dress better.  Over the years we have educated many about the semi-flexible rules of styling and looking good.  Please scroll down to find out more about  the books.

Please note that e-books being digital downloads are not refundable.


This 60-page  Smart Casual Wear guide is a must-have for any modern man who wants to make an impression without trying too hard. Your age doesn’t matter; you can be 25 or 60 years old  to benefit from it. It is written by School of Style  Brisbane Personal Stylist Masha Bowran after 10 years of hands-on  styling of men, taking them on shopping trips and helping them create a perfect wardrobe. It is based on the idea that style can be effortless and undeniable at the same time and you don’t need to have a huge amount of clothes to look smart when you know what you are doing. Chapter about the key wardrobe staples for smart-casual wear  will be a revelation to you. It is very handy to refer to whenever  you go shopping or putting an outfit together.  Another chapter with examples of complete outfits shows you how to mix and match these staples and dress up and down easily. It is like having your own personal stylist available any time at your fingertips.  This e- book will always be available on your electronic device to keep you on track.



This is a 65-page e-book for any man in the corporate or office environment who needs to have a smart formal wardrobe. If you are in the public eye, hold a high rank position or run a big business and must look presentable, this book is for you. You will learn how to mix shirts and ties, what the best tailoring and most versatile colours for business trousers and blazers are and how to choose a shoe that doesn’t date. You will also find out how to dress in situations when a tie appears out of place and you want a more laid back feel.  The book also talks very specifically about typical style blunders and what shirts to avoid if you don’t want to look pale and washed out. This style guide is for men who understand and feel that real style doesn’t have a use-by-date. You will be called “best-dressed man in the office” many times when you follow these style tips. The chapters about your key wardrobe pieces and examples of complete outfits are of the most value as they will help you become more confident about your business style and enjoy dressing every day.  If it’s not in this guide, you don’t need it and are wasting your money. The book will always be available on your electronic device to keep you on track.