Women who have Inverted Triangle, Rectangle and Apple Body shapes generally view them as tricky to dress for. But it is only true if you don’t know what to wear and how to make the most of your body shape.

Every shape has it’s advantages and minor disadvantages. This is how I encourage you to look at it. Only focusing on your strong points and fully accepting the things that you can’t change will make you feel whole and complete.  Owning and appreciating  your uniqueness and individuality is something that every woman should relate to!

But what can we really do for ourselves on the outside?

Understanding that Inverted Triangle and Rectangle body shapes have wider torsos and shoulders as well as usually bigger busts is a good starting point. With Apple Body Shape the main issue is that the waist circumference is bigger than hips . But all 3 shapes or body types usually have fabulous legs. And this is what we have to consider when we create outfits for these body types.

Inverted Triangles, Rectangles and Apple bodies  are not designed for wearing fitted dresses most of the time.
( If you are a slim and athletic build Rectangle or Inverted Triangle, this can be an exception and you will be able to pull off a fitted  body con dress).

Very often the top and bottom of these body  shapes have different sizes and tops are usually bigger. The easiest way to get around any difficulties in finding the perfect and most flattering fit is to focus on building the wardrobe mostly from separates – tops and bottoms. So getting PERFECT BOTTOMS is the crucial first step.

I recommend to focus on:

  • black and navy pencil pants 
  • 3/4 white capri pants
  • light fabric slim leg pants with side ruched ankle  that is narrow
  • pencil skirts with elasticated waist band 


Make sure that you all your bottoms have a stretchy fabric for comfort as they have to be fitted  around the leg and still comfortable around the waist. Make sure that your pencil and capri pants are narrow and  tapered towards the ankle and are NOT A DATED STRAIGHT LEG CUT!!.  The skits should also be fitted and narrow, ideally with split at the back and made from a stretchy fabric. They should fall just below knee especially if you wear a bigger size as it will help to elongate your torso.

Next we are going to pick the BEST TOP STYLES for Inverted Triangle, Rectangles and Apple body types:

  • Front Drape or Crossover tops – ideal for big-busted of Apple Body shapes
  • Cowl Neck tops
  • Cold Shoulder tops – very flattering and ideal for those who don’t like their arms
  • Side ruched Kimono Sleeve tops
  • Assymetrical hem tunics
  • Angel or Batwing tunics
  • Deep V-necks – to break up wide shoulders and bigger busts
  • Double layer tops – ideal for hiding extra weight around the waist
  • Kimonos  over tank tops  – Casual and Special Occasion

An example of Front Drape or Crossover Top. These tops can be short sleeved or with elbow length and long sleeves as you see below.

A SECRET STYLE TIP for Front Drape or Crossover Tops: The lower the drape or V-neck is  more flattering for bigger busted ladies. You can add a camisole or a tank top underneath for extra security or when it is cold. But not all of these tops require a tank, some have build-in scoop neck-line underneath the front drapes.

Add a long-chain necklace and flat mules/slides, ballet flats or wedges and you will be good to go!

But what about the dresses for these body types,  you might think?  Can I wear them and what should be the  styles?

The BEST DRESS STYLES   for bigger ladies are:

  • A-line Shift
  • Double Layer
  • Kimono
  • Cape Style
  • Crossover


The last 4 styles will have fitted pencil shape at the bottom. Or you can wear the above mentioned tops with separate pencil skirts instead of these dresses. SECRET STYLE TIP the more fitted is the pencil skirt at the bottom and through the thighs , the more flattering and slimming the effect will be.

For the younger and slimmer women who are Rectangle or Inverted Triangle body shapes,  fitted side ruched pencil dresses will work very well. Choose dresses made from stretchy cotton, jersey or wool fabrics.

For MORE TIPS and COMPLETE STYLE GUIDE  WITH PICTURES for every style and cut and COMPLETE OUTFITS for summer and winter, click below.