Let’s just quickly talk about and define FASHION vs PERSONAL STYLE. Many people still confuse them. Even women.

FASHION is above all a FORM OF BUSINESS . It is designed to sell clothes, brands, products, fashion shows and magazines. It is always trying to convince an individual that if you don’t follow it, there is something wrong with you.

YOUR PERSONAL STYLE  is ABOUT SELF-EXRESSION.  It is as UNIQUE as your fingerprints. And even though it may have some elements of fashion, it is still very personal. This is how it is when you know who you are. And even this changes during your life and depends where you are at the moment.

Do you FEEL THE DIFFERENCE between the two?

If we all blindly follow trends, we may not only all look alike. We may also wear something that feels  deeply uncomfortable and looks  unflattering on us. This is why it is important to know our own likes and dislikes, understand the specifics of our lifestyle and feel connection to our body signals.

I want to give you a few tips today  TO HELP YOU FIND YOUR OWN STYLE  and create a wardrobe that works for you.

You can follow these PRACTICAL TIPS and you will start OUTLINING YOUR PERSONAL STYLE CORE and begin to understand where to build from.

  1. Choose only 10 Pieces from your Wardrobe as if they were the only things you were allowed to keep. They should be the most important pieces that you feel  you couldn’t do without. They can be anything including tops, bottoms and dresses and they don’t have to be in approximately even  amounts like (for example) 4 tops 3 bottoms and 3 dresses. You may choose no dresses at all but at least 5  or 6 pants for example. Or you may pick 7 dresses. You have to choose based on the most loved, comfortable, most “YOU” items that you have. Try to choose intuitively, without overthinking too much or trying to impress anyone. 10 pieces that make you feel good about yourself and you are very comfortable in. Follow your heart and be true only to your own judgement.
  2.  Choose only 3 pairs of shoes. Again – your most favourite and comfortable.
  3. Choose only 10 accessories excluding!! handbags.  They may include any jewellery, belts, sunglasses, hats or scarves. Again don’t try to make it evenly spread out between categories. Follow your heart.
  4. Choose only 2 handbags. 

Remember this is done so you can see your own preferences and tastes and what is important to you. ANYTHING CAN GO AS LONG AS IT IS WHAT YOU LIKE OR LOVE. 

Now put all of your clothes, accessories and handbags on your bed. And your shoes on the floor next to it. WHAT DO YOU SEE?

You have narrowed your style and wardrobe to the BARE MINIMUM OF WHAT YOU LIKE AND WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO YOU. It is YOUR PERSONAL STYLE CORE.

If you want to find your personal style. you need to outline your core. 

Now you need TO ANALYSE IT.

TO SEE  WHAT YOU  really HAVE on your hands. If you are able to do it properly, you will learn a lot about yourself and will be able to build your perfect  wardrobe and personal style around this core.


  • What category pieces I chose the most?
  • Do I prefer pants or dresses and skirts? (for women)
  • Do my chosen pieces reflect and complement my life style and occupation?
  • Is my style more casual or I prefer more dressed-up or formal look?
  • Does my occupation require smart-casual or formal dress code?
  • Are there any categories that I didn’t choose any items from? For example you chose no pants and only dresses and skirts.
  • Do these black spaces limit me and my wardrobe options or do I feel liberated without them?
  • Do my accessories and shoes complement or contradict my clothes?
  • Do I like accessories or do I prefer simplicity and minimalism? Do I still like very basic accessories? Or do I prefer to be without?
  • Is it time to update some of my favourites?

Most of the time you will be able to understand or clarify for yourself how you feel and who you really are at these current moment in life. You may bring to the surface that you are really not a dress-up or status person and comfort is more important to you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t look good and very organic in your personal style. You will just see that you don’t need to waste your time and money on clothes that feel too fussy for you. Smart-casual wardrobe might be the best way to build up your Personal Style core.

Or you may realise that you occupation and position require smarter and more formal wardrobe. And you chose the pieces that you loved once but they are a bit tired and worn out now. You may feel that you like particular cut or tailoring but just need to refresh your wardrobe with similar style pieces.

If you feel that you don’t like anything you chose and did it only because you ” had to”, you may benefit a lot from a Personal Stylist service such as Wardrobe Assessment, Body Shape Consultation or Personal Shopping trip. This will help you to refine your taste and sharpen “your eye” in terms of style. There are simple tricks and tips that a stylist can teach you even if you feel that clothes are not your thing. It doesn’t have to be complicated. Plus a stylist can help you to achieve real practical results.

Very often people go through a transitional period when the old doesn’t work for you any more but  the new hasn’t fully materialised yet. It can happen between jobs or during the change in occupation or after a relationship break-up. So the clothes that you picked from your wardrobe only reflect where you are right now in your life. And this will change as we always either grow or regress. You can choose growth.  Break through the limitations of  your style consciousness  and ask for a professional stylist help.

I am a Personal Stylist with  over  12 -year experience helping women and men of different ages, sizes and occupations. My goal is to help you feel fantastic in your clothes and true to yourself. You can reach out to me through booking a service  or educate yourself at your own pace through one of my 6 e-books available on the website.








Looking forward to hearing from you. :))

Masha Bowran XX.

Brisbane Personal Stylist, Style Refiner and Educator.

School of Style.