When a new client books a Personal Shopping Trip with School of Style,  she or he has to fill in the form about some personal information that is necessary for a successful shopping outcome. This includes information about your size and height, your budget, occupation, special comments and so on. Most of the time I also request 2 photos – a full height picture and a head shot. This is necessary so I have an idea about your physical characteristics and also so I can  recognise you easily when I meet you in person for the first time. If you need an outfit for a Special Occasion, I may even ask you to sent me your exact measurements for your bust, waist and hips.

Of course I am fully aware that we all can be SLIGHTLY different sizes in different brands or you might be even buying  a wrong size for youself. One size up or down from the information I receive , is usually not an issue. I also teach you on a shopping trip why it is always a good idea to try 2 sizes and not just one, to find the best fit.

Why it is so important to be 100% honest  with me as a stylist and take responsibility for the information you give me?

Because it enables me to help you as much as I can in the shortest amount of time. Most of the time, I  do a pre-shop based on the sizes and budget you gave me. I may even put something on hold for you or ask a store to get your size specifically if it is not available.  I will also mix and match different brands to maximise your budget. I don’t charge you for preshop time,  but if I discover that you are 2-3  sizes up or down  during the shopping trip, this can often lead to needing more shopping time that you  originally booked and I will have to charge you for that. I have had ladies in the past who told me they are size 8-10, yet size 6 in various brands was too big and loose. It is particularly frustrating when you need a Special Occasion outfit that is very important to you and I already put on hold certain brands and sizes.  Many brands don’t do size 6 and smaller  or stop at size 14 maximum. This means that I have to change the whole shopping plan and strategy. If you told me that you are size 12 , but can only fit  in 18, you are not helping me TO HELP YOU. 

There is no need to be shy or embarrassed of your shape or form. I have worked with people of all sizes ,shapes, ages and budgets and my intention is ALWAYS TO HELP YOU make the most of your budget and physical appearance.  So please respect my intention of doing my job well, be honest and save yourself some time and money. Working with a stylist is a very personal and delicate process based on mutual trust and respect so you can be happy with the experience and  results achieved.

The same goes for the budget. If you tell me that you have $500 maximum, I will not be showing you brands that suit $1000+ budget. I do not receive any commission on your purchases and don’t have the need to oversell or sell more expensive brands than necessary.  I just want to CREATE THE MOST EFFECTIVE  AND HIGH QUALITY WARDROBE WITHIN YOUR BUDGET THAT WILL MAKE YOU LOOK YOUR BEST. :))

Masha Bowran,

School of Style, Brisbane

Personal Stylist, Style Refiner and Style Educator.