Many women in Brisbane who come to School of Style  for a Personal Styling Service want to do it consciously and achieve good long-term results. They  want to learn what will truly work for their BODY SHAPE, AGE and LIFESTYLE.  And  how to start shopping and building  their wardrobes more consiously.  Many want to educate themselves about the MOST FLATTERING COLOURS for their complexion and how to mix and match different WARDROBE STAPLES  to create maximum amount of variations.

I am fully aware of it and  welcome such attitude. Just being told that you should buy something is not enough, you want to know why you need it and the benefits of having it in your wardrobe.

This is why School of Style in Brisbane has a Style Consultation called BODY SHAPE AND COLOUR CONSULTATION. The consultation takes place in a City or Chermside Westfield cafe and lasts about 2 hours. It is a very thorough learning session that is based on School of Style BODY SHAPE E-BOOK that you will get to keep. It can be  done as a ONE-ON -ONE or as a SMALL GROUP. You are welcome to bring your friend, mum or sister.  It  becomes even more fun and each lady will get a discount and the e-book corresponding to her body shape!;)

THE CONSULTATION  AND E-BOOK will simplify and define practical steps to help you develop YOUR PERSONAL STYLE .

In this process you will:

  • become aware of some of your style blunders
  • find out why certain things have never worked for you
  • learn why some styles are a waste of money for you

You will learn about the RIGHT KEY WARDROBE PIECES and see the EXAMPLES OF COMPLETE OUTFITS. You will be shown the advantages  and disadvantages of your particular body shape  and how to work with it and not against.

Lots of slimming and tricks, ideas on how to accessorise and your flattering colours are also part of this consultation.

All of this will help you to build a successful wardrobe and start looking great and OWNING YOUR STYLE. You will learn how to shop with a plan and how easy and enjoyable dressing every day can really be!

School of Style teaches you about CONSCIOUS STYLE, effortless yet undeniable. It is not forced or overdone. No it is about status dressing, blindly following trends or having unnecessary amount of clothes in your wardrobe. I take into consideration that you are already a unique and intelligent person who may have  personal views on who and how you want to be.

Working together with a Personal Stylist, you will learn and understand the STYLE BASICS as the foundation to owning what you wear and how you dress.


This consultation also allows us to get to know each other. You will see if School of Style philosophy and approach resonates with you.  At the end most women relax and are ready to put their trust and faith in me as a Personal Stylist.  They are keen to go shopping with me in a few days time. :))

THE 3- HOUR PERSONAL SHOPPING TRIP is not necessary, but gives the FASTEST PRACTICAL RESULTS in terms of Your Style  and Wardrobe and SAVES YOU A LOT OF TIME. I work with your body shape and physical characteristics and quickly show you the BRANDS and STYLES that should be on your list. You go away with multiple versatile outfits that MAKE YOU LOOK FABULOUS knowing how they can be dressed up and down. I also make sure that get all the discounts possible  and stick to your budget.



I will get back to you ASAP to confirm the date.

With Love,

Masha Bowran XXX