I was born in Moscow, Russia. I then lived in London for many years and worked in the retail industry. This gave me a lot of experience of dressing women and men of different shapes and sizes. I also noticed at the time that many people can waste a lot of time and money buying clothes that are totally wrong for their body shape or complexion and could do with a little bit of help from a personal stylist.

I’ve lived in Brisbane since 2003 and started School of Style in 2009 because I am a natural at visual perception, have an eye for detail and love clothes and shopping. Although I graduated from Moscow State University where one of the subjects was fashion and image styling, I believe I am more self-taught in terms of STYLE through observation, attention and lots of experimenting.

Helping people to look and feel their best and teaching them that EVERYONE can develop their OWN PERSONAL STYLE is what I do. I am driven by making dressing easy and enjoyable for you.

My personal grooming and make-up style is enhanced natural, my clothing style is very fluid and depends on my mood and environment.