It has been awhile since we have all been affected by the restrictions and changes  brought to our lives. Many people stopped travelling for work and started working from home. Some lost or  changed their jobs.Our social interactions have been affected greatly and there are less face-to-face physical occasions. The need for very formal or special occasion outfits has greatly diminished. But what is becoming most important and clear right now is the need for a great SMART-CASUAL MULTI-FUNCTIONAL WARDROBE. Especially for people who are working from home.

We need clothes that are easy and comfortable, but make us look and feel good. And ideally, clothes that allow us to switch  between sedentary computer desk work and real physical practices and routines. Clothes that we can wear switching back and forward easily between different types of activities, sometimes several times a day.  Styles that help us to take  regular breaks  from becoming all-day everyday keyboard warriors. Outfits that encourage us to move and get out of the house.  Do some yoga stretches, go for a walk or a bike ride, play with a dog or kids. And after that, return quickly to your work.

I am not talking here about leggings or sportswear, but about specific styles that are effortlessly chic and comfortable at the same time.  I will be writing more on this in the next few posts giving you specific tips and recommendations.


So, now is a good time to see if your wardrobe is too formal or too casual for your current personal situation. As a Personal Stylist I offer a WARDROBE ASSESSMENT as  as  for many people it can feel overwhelming to do it themselves. Many  are simply not sure what clothes to keep and what to let go of.

One thing that you can try to do yourself  is to go through you wardrobe and discard everything that is wrong size (too big or too small), worn out, ripped, stained, dated or frumpy. Place all eliminated clothes into bin bags and donate them to Lifeline or anyone else who may need them.

You will open up some new space by clearing out the pieces that don’t work for you anymore. This will create a new feel, help you to adjust your wardrobe to your present lifestyle and plan for any changes. It is a very liberating experience for 100% of people.

Another tip is  to discard all your mismatched hangers and buy 50 white wooden hangers from IKEA ( they are about $1 each ).  They  look very chic and stylish in your wardrobe and will help you go for quality, versatility and style vs quantity. All of this will help you  become more conscious  what kind of clothes you own and buy.

Once you cleared  out the old and dated stuff and bought the hangers, you can organise your clothes by colour and style.

Some of the clothes that might be a bit big for you now, can be easily  altered. But for some, the cost of alterations won’t be worth it. These are some nuances that a Personal Stylist can be very helpful. Also if you are


Sometimes  women are not sure  what are the right clothes for their body shape.  Or people ( both men and women)  find it hard to let go of their posessions. Even if these posessions don’t fit them any more and drag them down every day by cluttering the potentially useful space. In this case,  a Personal stylist with a vast experience like me, will be very helpful to you. 🙂

Or maybe, you never had any Personal Styling service before and think you can benefit from the experience.  Click on the link below to book your Wardrobe Assessment with School of Style.