Many people would love to try Personal Shopping with a stylist and improve their appearance, image and  confidence , but some have fears or doubts that prevent them. Here I will try to convince you to have a go.  And realise that it is as easy as booking any beauty or grooming appointment.

Most women and men enjoy taking care of themselves, but how we do it is very different and unique. Some love exercises, others would rather take time to relax and have an-hour long massage. Some prefer weight training, others  yoga or swimming. Most women enjoy a visit to a hairdresser and trying new hairstyles. Yet many more today are embracing their natural beauty and are growing their grey hair out. Some women (like me personally) prefer natural skincare such as cold-pressed rosehip oil and doing a gua sha treatment or facial  massage at home. Others will try any new innovation or product on the market and love going to spa’s and beauty salon’s professionals.

Today we have a lot of options and tools at our disposal and it is a matter of personal needs and preferences.

But are men and women embracing Personal Styling as another way of re-discovering and transforming yourself?

Honestly? Some do and learn a lot from it. They save time and change the way they look and feel for the better. But some are still reluctant to give it a try.

What are the main reasons that stop women (mostly!)  getting a Personal Stylist’s help?

Mostly, they are all about some personal fears, insecurities and self-esteem:

  • Fear of opening up and being judged
  • Feeling not worthy or not being a priority to put aside 600 – 1000 dollar budget to create a sleek wardrobe and update your style
  • Fear of being dressed like someone else and not feeling like yourself
  • Fear of being over styled and over accessorised
  • Not feeling comfortable about your body shape, weight or any particular physical characteristics. Self-esteem issues that prevent you from taking action. Waiting to be the “perfect” weight.
  • Sometimes even fear of partner’s negative reaction. Not being strong and decisive enough to go for what’s important to you or can help.
  •  Fear of a stylist being too pushy and having to buy something you don’t want
  • Not enjoying shopping in general and being overwhelmed with it all.
  • Not committing to put aside a little bit of time for the long-term benefits.

Below I would like to address these issues thoroughly  and hopefully dissolve any doubts that you may have about positive impact and transformational power of a Personal Styling Consultation and Shopping with me.

1. About the fear of being judged.  It applies mostly to women. Being a woman myself and going through 2 pregnancies, births and weight fluctuations, I am fully aware of what other women may be feeling and when your self-esteem may be fragile. This is why I get to know you more during our chat over a coffee before we hit the shops. My intention is always to show you how fantastic you can look and sometimes  even to remind you to love yourself every step of your life journey. We all need to have a strong inner core of self-love that doesn’t depend on any ups or downs of the outside.

2.  As far as styling itself it is a co-creation and a process that happens between you and I. And YOU will always have the  final say whether you like the outfit or not. It should feel authentic to you but at the same time reflect NEW YOU. Sometimes it will take you a couple of outings to get used to new style’s sensations.  And complements from others!;)

3. Being styled by a professional doesn’t mean that it has to be fussy, overdone or “too loud” so to speak. It can be very subtle yet sleek at the same time.  I see myself as a Queen of Understated Chic and also a bit of a chameleon. So I can help you even if you prefer a simple or minimalist approach. You will see how you can REFINE your outfits yet make them look completely EFFORTLESS. As if they haven’t been  “strategically planned” or thought of too much!!:))

4. Specifically to women who are waiting to have their “perfect” weight. If you are taking action right now and working on your health and extra kilograms, you can wait until you reach your “happy place” and then book the Shopping Trip.

To those who are unhappy about extra kilos, but can’t find motivation to do something about it. Very often going shopping with me  and getting a few basic flattering pieces will act as a trigger to feeling better about yourself.  I have a lot of tricks and experiences of  dressing bigger women. You will see that you can look good even at your current weight. This in turn can give you energy to start doing something about it. I will also help you to pick clothes that allow you some weight loss ( usually 5-6 kg) and will still look good on you!:)

4. Most partners are very supportive and happy for their women to do something for themselves. But sometimes they are not. And I met a few ladies in this situation. If you are fearing your partner’s negative reaction, there can be 2 main reasons:

– Your partner is simply not supportive of you for whatever personal reasons or excuses

-You are not standing up for yourself and what is important to you. You forgot who you are and let someone violate your boundaries or values.

This is something that you have to ask yourself and figure out what you want to do about it. Nothing can be done to you without your permission. It is your life after all and no one can live it for you. YOU are the most important person in your life that you need to make happy.

5. And the last but not least is the fear of the stylist being too pushy. As I said earlier I always leave it up to YOU whether you buy something or not. I will, however,  make it very clear when I think it is a smart buy and explain to you why. It will also help you to relax if you know that I don’t affiliate with any brand specifically and don’t receive any commission on your purchases.  Everything that I recommend is what I genuinely believe in and would buy myself. I take care of you during the shopping trip and communicate with retail assistants for you. This is whether we need to source a different size or to decline their suggestions. You will have my full protection and best intention at heart.

And finally, I would like to add that Personal Shopping Trip with me in the CBD or Westfield Chermside is a great transformational tool for any woman or man who decides to take the plunge.  Embrace NEW YOU where you look and feel your best and pick up life-long styling tips! And I am always looking forward to meeting you! 🙂


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With Love,

Masha B. XXX