I am talking about trying AT LEAST  ONCE  a Personal Styling Service of your choice. There are so many to choose from, such  a Style Workshop or a Consultation over a coffee , a Wardrobe Assessment or a Shopping Trip. By all means,  do your research, talk to different stylists and see who you resonate with,  but try and see the amazing benefits of it for yourself!!! And sometimes, it’s best not to overthink, but just to dive in and face what we want to change or improve.

Over the years I noticed how different the booking between men and women are…Women feel anxious about giving reigns to someone they don’t know and I understand it. If we are going to a hairdresser we don’t know, we are usually apprehensive about it , not knowing if we are going to be heard or understood. We are talking here about Personal Style , Appearance and Self- Expression and it is all particularly important for us as women. Women often send a request or question about a service before committing, try to book waaay in advance, often find an excuse to wait for a friend to join, say that they need to loose some weight first  and from time to time,  chicken out and cancel the booking. Men go straight for the BOOKING FORM, book sometimes literally the day before or just a few days in advance and once they confirm, they NEVER EVER cancel. They just realise  that they need a Stylist help at some point and they follow through. They need no one’s permission (except their own) to do something that is beneficial to them. And so they often benefit the most simply by acting on it!!

So dear ladies! I want to give you permission to do something for yourself, an act of self-care and self-love and remind you that there is a lot to gain from any School of Style service:

  • You will learn something that will last you more than 8 weeks . It’s a LIFETIME KNOWLEDGE AND EXPERIENCE.
  • Although you may not be at your ideal weight, my tips and tricks will visually make you drop at least one size or up to 5 kg visually. Once you see it, it will be very inspiring and you will want to keep your weight under control. I use a lot of clothes with a slight stretch for the best fit possible. There are lots of other tricks of trade, so even if you still want to lose some more weight, the clothes will still fit.
  • I am an independent  stylist, so I never sell or oversell you anything. I just SHOW YOU HOW YOU CAN LOOK YOUR BEST AND HOW YOU NEED ONLY VERY FEW WELL CHOSEN PIECES THAT ARE VERSATILE . I work with you and your budget.
  • If still feel like you don’t want to spend money on any clothes yet, book a STYLE WORKSHOP or request a COFFEE with SOS digital  CONSULTATION from me.
  • You can also learn everything you need to KNOW and REMEMBER from my E-BOOKS for 5 different body shapes available here on my website for anyone in the world.
  • You can hint to your loved ones that you would like to receive a GIFT VOUCHER for any of Personal Styling Services that you choose. It might be a Birthday, Anniversary or Christmas present or just because!!

So, I  encourage all of you to give it a go at least once!! and looking forward to hearing from you.


Masha Bowran,

School of Style

Personal Stylist, Style Refiner and Style Educator