You can read many customers reviews and feedback on the  Facebook page – School of Style – Brisbane Personal Stylist, on Google and some on my website. but here I would like share with you the most typical feedback from clients after they have done a Shopping Trip or a  Wardrobe Assessment with me, or sometimes both.

Here I will just share with you what people say to me at the end of the service  when I ask them if they are happy with the results and if the experience was helpful and enjoyable.

  1. “You helped me to try things that I would have never tried  myself!”
  2.  ” I didn’t know I can wear that! I learned today that fit is more important than the size number.  I feel like NEW ME now!”
  3. ” I didn’t know that I was buying the wrong sizes all the time!”
  4. ” I am so surprised about my sizes in different brands. I didn’t know I am a size 8 in skinny jeans!”
  5. ” I would have never ordered this size online and would never know that this style looks good on me!”
  6. ” I can’t believe I was buying clothes 2 sizes too big for me!”
  7. ” I am so glad to finally find the tops that work great for me. I can’t wait to wear them!!”
  8. ” I realise I always  tucked my tops but it didn’t work for me. Now I will know to how to get the right length and cut and to wear them out.”
  9. ” I feel so much younger now and more modern. I realise how dated my wardrobe was. Never again!!:)))”
  10. ” I feel like clearing my wardrobe now after shopping with you today!”
  11.  ” You saved me so much time in these 3 Hours. You’ve taken me straight to the things that are right for me. I would have taken weeks or months to find all these clothes. And even then not sure if I would.
  12. ” I hate shopping, but you made it easy, interesting and I learned so many new things.  3 Hours went  by so quickly!”
  13. ” I realised now that by putting a belt on, I  only emphasized the fact that I have no waist. Thank you for learning this today”
  14. ” I have learned so much today. I know where to shop in the future!’
  15. ” I realised I was buying wrong things for my body shape. I can’t believe how much slimmer I look in my new clothes. “
  16. ” I will be the best dressed man in the office now! Officially!!:))”
  17. ” I love my new wardrobe so much! I can’t wait to try it all again at home and play with it.”
  18.  ” Thank you so much! What do you think I should wear tonight to Fellons?”- I usually recommend here the best suitable outfit from the pieces that we bought.
  19. ” What shall I wear to my anniversary date? I have so many options now!!”
  20. ” My girlfriend is going to get so excited when she sees all of these outfits and how I can mix and match them. She is going to want to do it herself!”
  21. ” I am so happy to find the dresses that I actually like. I thought they are not for me and always wore pants.”
  22. ” I am so happy I have a beautiful outfit to my son’s wedding. I was worried I won’t  find anything I really like. “
  23. ” I have learned so much from you and wish I have done it earlier. I waisted so much money on the clothes I buy and don’t wear. I have so many in my wardrobe with tags still on.”
  24.  ” You saved me so much money today and we got so many bargains. I like how you always made sure I get all the discounts and the best price. “
  25. ” I have learned so much about accessories today and how they can elevate and change the most simple outfits. I thought I was not  “accessories person”.
  26. ” I could never find comfortable but nice-looking shoes for my feet. Even if I had nice clothes,  I felt my shoes were always bad. Not any more!”
  27. ” I always tucked my baggy shirts in. Now I realise I can wear slim fit untucked and look better.”
  28. ” I can’t wait to wear my new shirts with these chinos and loafers. I have so many options now and everything goes well together. Now I don’t have to think too much when I go on a date.”
  29. “I think my husband will get very excited when he sees me in this dress! I know he is gonna love it!:))”
  30. ” I love that I get an E-Book as well and can always check for key wardrobe staples and complete outfits if I forget something and when I need to go shopping next”
  31. ” My wardrobe looks so tidy and neat now and I love these new hangers.It is so easy to find everything now.”
  32. ” I can see now what my wardrobe is lacking and why I didn’t know what to wear in the morning”.
  33. ” I am so glad you helped my to get rid of all my dated and old clothes in wrong sizes. It is such a relief. I can’t wait to see what we can get for me on our shopping. “

And I could go on. But you probably get the message. I work to make it the best experience for women and men who come to School of Style for help. And I always remember  that MY  GOAL  is creating a PERFECT WORKING WARDROBE for every one of them.

And these positive feedback and people’s uplifted mood is what keeps me going.

I encourage you  to try any of these services with me. And welcome any questions you may have.







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with Love,

Masha B. XXX