Are you ready to start dating again  but feel you need to dress better? Maybe you are not sure about your style, the way you look or how to put your outfits together? If you can relate to this,  Brisbane  School of Style  is definitely the place to turn for help!

As a Personal Stylist I have several ways  to help you. First of all, you have to decide if there are a lot of clothes in your wardrobe that can be used or elevated into your new sleek style. If the answer is yes, then a service called a WARDROBE ASSESSMENT is a good start. I will come to your house  and  de-clutter and organise your wardrobe. We will  eliminate everything frumpy or dated and save the pieces that are classic and versatile and that can be updated  with additional modern staples . We  will then book a SHOPPING TRIP next day or in a few days time to get what you need and maximise your options.


If you think there isn’t much in your wardrobe worth saving or you had a significant change in your weight  and nothing fits you anymore, you can straight away book  a 3-HOUR SHOPPING TRIP.  Most men choose this option. In the booking form,  you can choose between WESTFIELD CHERMSIDE OR THE CITY and add any comments about your needs. I will get back to you ASAP to confirm the date.



And, the best part is that once you have booked a service, you can relax and leave it to me.  I know where to take you, how to make the most of your budget and make you look your absolute best! With  School of Style , you  will learn very quickly how to mix and match your tops and bottoms, what the best shoes  to wear on a date and how to dress up and down depending on the occasion.  I will give you the exact outfit suggestions for your first few dates  so you can feel confident about your new looks and style.

On the day of your date, you will not feel overdressed or too formal when you see yourself in the mirror. It is in fact, the opposite – you will feel comfortable and effortlessly stylish.  My intention is always to help you  look  and feel very attractive but definitely like YOURSELF. So you can enjoy and have fun on your night (or day ) out!;)

The real bonus is that you will also receive an E-BOOK with the key wardrobe staples and examples of complete outfits . This is like having your own Personal  Stylist available  at your fingertips on your electronic device.

Understanding that real style doesn’t have a use-by-date and can be effortless  yet undeniable is a great relief  and revelation to many people who worked with School of Style.

So click here to book a Shopping Trip to get started!



I am looking forward to your booking and meeting you!:))

With Love,

Masha Bowran 

Personal Stylist and Style Consultant.