School of Style has a new exciting E-BOOK for Personal Stylists-to-be available on the website. It was written by Brisbane Personal Stylist Masha Bowran after 10-years of successfully running School of Style for women and men. Over the years I have been approached by many women  who love clothes, style and fashion and would like to become professional Personal Stylists, Fashion Stylists or Personal Shoppers. Most of them believe that they have a “good eye” and this is what they would love to do. I can’t tell you how much I understand what you feel and also what doubts you might have starting on this path.

So here I want to help and guide you in the right direction and diminish your doubts.


First of all, you really have to understand the difference between a PERSONAL STYLIST and a FASHION STYLIST and ask yourself what exactly you want to become. A Personal Stylist is likely to be dressing people of all shapes, sizes, occupations and budgets (unless you want to position yourself as a luxury Personal Stylist). A Fashion Stylist is someone who works for fashion magazines and runway shows and is more likely to style highly attractive models or celebrities and people in the public eye. There is also a significant difference between a Personal Stylist and Personal Shopper. A Personal Stylist is someone who understands how to take an individual’s best features and make them shine so they can look their best. A good Personal Stylist is also someone who helps people to find their own UNIQUE personal STYLE.  This is done through style consultations, wardrobe assessments and personal shopping trips. You will be helping  your clients to build successful and versatile wardrobes and shop smarter without overbuying.

A Personal Shopper is not necessarily a good stylist, but someone who is prepared to do the leg work for a client and shop for them (often without the client). Some stylists use both terms – a Stylist and a Shopper.

If you’re sure you really want to be a Personal Stylist, this new E-BOOK will definitely help you answer a lot of


– what services you can offer to your clients
– the specifics of each service
– your first contact with the potential client
– what information you need to request from your clients before meeting them in person
– how to deal with difficult clients and still have a positive effect on each other
– how and what to charge for your services and
– how to market and promote your business.

The book focuses on both the business and client side and is mostly about styling women, but can be used as a template for styling men in a simplified form.

If you want additional information on HOW TO STYLE women of different BODY SHAPES and men’s SMART-CASUAL or BUSINESS WEAR, I recommend the corresponding books available on the E-BOOKS page. These books are about the KNOW-HOW OF STYLING. It is my own personal vision that can be adapted as the foundation of your training as a stylist. It is one thing to be able to dress well yourself and quite another dressing and shopping well for someone you just met. It requires a good solid platform/training that can be provided by School of Style e-books and lots lots of experience. You will need to give yourself  some time to develop your skills and start feeling confident as a stylist. These 2 BODY SHAPE BOOKS plus the book on HOW TO BECOME A PERSONAL STYLIST will provide you with information that you can start working on immediately.

A Personal Stylist must have a “good eye” for detail, colour and proportions and this training never really stops. You must learn what looks aesthetically or visually flattering on different people and how to create it by combining different tailoring, colours and accessories. This is your main skill and gift that will help many people that come to you for help. This is what you should focus on developing.

I am dedicated to helping new stylists-to-be and provide one-on-one customised coaching as well. Please e-mail me about your requirements to or go to contact page on the website.
Go ahead and take the first step on this exciting path!

TO BUY  the books click below.


With Love

Masha Bowran XXX