Do we really need now overblown wardrobes filled with things that we don’t wear or use in 2021? Especially in our current global and personal situations? Let’s have a look a little closer as the time itself dictates us to do so.

As humans we have entered a critical time in our existence where we are shown everyday where consumerism, money, fear and lies brought us. All of this stems from the mentality of DEFICIT or LACK and the idea that we need something outside ourselves to make us feel safe and free. We all have played different parts in it in some way or another. But right now we need to START  AND ACTIVATE A TRUE TRANSITION to a better world that is based on the idea that we are already created COMPLETE WITH EVERYTHING NECESSARY  to co-create a beautiful life on Earth. We should use our abilities and talents without causing destruction to our natural environment, animals and each other.

As a Personal Stylist l can  help  people who really NEED it and COME TO ME THEMSELVES. And even  then, I do it to empower and activate their SELF-REALISATION. Some need to work on developing a good eye, some need to stop an endless cycle of buying just to fill the wardrobe and some people have not so much a style, but more of a self-esteem issue that they have to become aware of and work on.   l just happen to be the one who can look through it and  isolate quickly what is the priority for each person. I have no personal interest or intention in “holding your hand” forever. I want to see you FREE, CONFIDENT,and KNOWING YOUR PERSONAL VALUE that is not defined only by what you have, own or wear. I want to teach you about BEAUTY, GOOD TASTE and STYLE that is applicable to the current situation and your personal lifestyle.  ANY EXCESS feels  like an OVERSELL and MISCREATION . To sell clothes that will never be worn by any particular person just to make a commission, is dull and wrong to me. To help people to buy just enough clothes that they will wear and look good in,  is right. Teaching about shopping smarter and investing in versatile, flattering and easy to wear clothes  is my pleasure.

So let’s summarise and narrow down what we need today in our wardrobe. These are the   THINGS THAT:


Right now with a lot restrictions of events and travelling, we should only buy and have in the wardrobe  what we need.  Feeling good about yourself  and having your unique personal style is important. But it needs to  makes sense. There is no point in filling the wardrobe with clothes that you are not going to wear. Do you need 20 ties and 30 business shirts when you have been working from home for the last 4 months. Definitely not! You may want to keep a few ties and 6-10 of your best shirts for now and get rid of the rest. You may also want to look at your Smart-Casual Wardrobe.  This is a more appropriate style and wardrobe right now. The very stiff  rigid formal style will become a more rare occasion. For most of us.But it is not a bad thing.  The more relaxed wardrobes will hopefully open up space for more genuine, natural and flowing  interactions between us.

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Alternatively you can buy one of 6 E-BOOKS that suits you the most and will help you to DIY.


My best wishes,

Masha Bowran

Personal Stylist, Style Refiner and Educator and Writer and just a human  being. :))

School of Style.