Looking for something interesting and fun to do during the lockdown?

Sitting at home thinking how to make the most of your free time?

Why not  get one of  School of Style E-BOOKS, make yourself your favourite  healthy  drink and start learning something useful and new!! These books will help you to create your perfect wardrobe and elevate your style. 

School of  Style E-BOOKS for women and men are a great self-development tool and an opportunity  to figure out what might be holding you baçk in terms of your style and current wardrobe.


The E-BOOKS are written in a clear and broken down format, so it is easy to understand  and make sense even if you consider  yourself not “stylish”, “fashionable” or “smartly dressed”. It teaches you that you don’t  have to overstyle your outfits or own a huge amount of clothes. Neither you have to be a fashion victim. You can maintain individuality and a light effortless  approach to style and look polished and comfortable.  And what’s  more important,   you can FEEL comfortable and confident about your outfits and making smart purchases. 


The books start with explaining  the importance  of CHOOSING THE RIGHT WARDROBE STAPLES that will work for your lifestyle and bodyshape. They are called the KEY WARDROBE  STAPLES because they will determine how good you look in your clothes and how easy for you to get dressed every morning. They also need to be mixed and matched  easily  or dressed  up and down.

There are many specific details that will help you understand  what you need to have in your wardrobe and what to look for when you go shopping. 

There is even a chapter of EXAMPLES OF COMPLETE OUTFITS. You will see how your specific key STAPLES can be mixed and matched or dressed up or down depending  on the occasion or season.

You will also learn  about  your FLATTERING COLOURS,  ACCESSORIES and even MINIMAL MAKE-UP BASICS AND TOOLS for women.

There are currently 2 BODY SHAPE E-BOOKS  FOR WOMEN  (covering 5 body shapes) 



and 2 E-BOOKS FOR MEN: one for SMART-CASUAL WEAR and another for BUSINESS WEAR:




There is also a book for PREGNANT LADIES on how to look fabulous  when you are expecting without maternity  wear. 


And another one for stylists-to-be :




So, the books are geared towards  people of different occupations, lifestyles and ages, but will allow you to pick individually what works for you  the most!! You will feel like you have options and THE CHOICE IS YOURS  once you have the basic knowledge  of how everything  works.

The books are also great and original presents for your loved ones and friends.  They are not about another material possession but about  the gift of knowledge and self-development. They are also very affordable. Once you buy a book, it will be available for life on your electronic device. And it is full of very handy reminders for when you go clothes shopping next time!! ;))



With Love

Masha B XXX