These corporate workshops at your preferred location are available for women and men on request. A great present for your employees and an opportunity for them to learn the fundamentals of corporate/smart business wear. A selection of clothes, shoes and accessories will be provided by SoS for the workshop.

This makes it much more interesting and involved than a PowerPoint presentation. The content of these workshops is designed to give your employees a structured formula for creating smart and stylish outfits and will help anyone who leads a very public life.

The workshop usually takes 2 hours. Workshops for men and women are done separately on different days as it allows for more focused and specific training.

At the end, if the participants wish, they will have an opportunity to book a shopping trip or a wardrobe assessment with SoS stylist Masha Bowran.

The workshop will cover:

  • the importance of personal grooming and good posture
  • the most modern and flattering patterns and styles in corporate wear (trousers, skirts, jackets or dresses)
  • the principles of colour
  • how to mix and match shirts, ties and trousers for men
  • how to mix tops and bottoms and how to accessorise for women
  • visual slimming tips and tricks
  • how to create a versatile and functional wardrobe
  • what to look for when shopping for business wear
  • what to steer clear of or style blunders